fast growing ficus trees on property line

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I am inquiring of the property problem.

The next  house of my house has been keeping about 15 ficus trees along the property line.
These trees were planted on their side when the Korean  contractor  flipped the house .
The new owner of the house  refused to cut them  short. The height of trees  are above my roof line. The  rain gutter of my house  is filled with leaves easily. The north side of my house is sunless. But the most worry thing is the possible root invasion to my house foundation. There is a chain link on the property line.  I would like to build the rain gutter block on the ground and root barrier since their drive way is higher than my alley. My neighbor's house yard is all covered with concrete. So my side alley is the  only soft part for the growing roots.
How can I communicate with them and solve the on going problems?
The LA  city inspector told me they would get rid of all ficus trees on public side walk if the residents complain. But these trees are on private property, we have to solve our own problems. .  I am very thankful for  your listening. 
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    I would suggest you to write a letter to your neighbor about the issues with the trees and request him to cut the branches and the roots since these trees are creating a nuisance.  Inform the neighbor that he will be responsible for any damages to your property, caused by his trees.

    You have a right to cut the branches and roots that are reaching over the property line at your expense. But, you need to make sure that the cutting the branches and roots will not kill the trees.  Otherwise, you will be responsible to pay for the trees.

    If the issues do not get resolved, I suggest you to retain attorney to assist you.

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