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 조회수: 29,916
CJ Foods Manufacturing LLC
• Location:
Fullerton & Beaumont, CA
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• 고용정보:
직원수 15명 이상



Position: PLC Maintenance Technician

모집 부문: Full-time(Non-Exempt)


급여범위: $46,000 - $79,000/년


근무지: Fullerton, CA


근무스케줄(필요에 따라 변경 혹은 순환됨)

 • 월요일 – 금요일

   o Shift 1: 6:00 AM – 2:30 PM

   o Shift 2: 2:30 PM – 11:00 PM

   o Shift 3: 6:00 PM – 2:30 AM

 • 필요시 주말 근무


주요 업무

 • 생산 설비 및 자동화 설비 점검, 유지 및 보수

 • 모터/팬/베어링 교체 및 수리, 아르곤 용접, 벨트 장력 조정 및 고정, 센서 교체/점검, 일반 배관 수리

 • PLC 프로그램 관리, PLC 문제 해결, 프로그래밍 및 유지보수(LS/미쓰비시)

 • 예비 부품, 전기 부품 관리 및 구매

 • 거래업체 및 타사 수리 업체와 업무 처리

 • 유틸리티 장비 유지보수 지원

 • 각시프트별 유틸리티 점검 및 관리


자격 요건

 • 미국내에서 합법적으로 근무 가능한 자

 • PLC 프로그램(특히 LS/미쓰비시 관련)을 포함한 산업 장비, 및 기계 전기 및 기계 유지보수에 대한 최소 3년의 경력 소지자

 • 식품 제조 공장 또는 관련 분야의 전기, 전자 학위 또는 이와 동등한 경력 소지자 우대

 • 공구, 설비 및 장비에 대한 실무 지식

 • OSHA 안전 규칙 및 유지 보수 업무와 관련된 안전한 작업 습관에 대한 실무 지식

 • 3교대 근무 및 필요시 초과근무, 휴일, 야간 또는 주말 근무 가능한 자



Position: Production Supervisor

Job Type: Full-time


Salary: $58,000.00 - $89,000.00 per year


Location: Beaumont, CA



 • Develop and lead Foremen to ensure achievement of plant objectives.

 • Ensure complete compliance to prescribed Safety, Quality, and Company policies (e.g. Good Manufacturing Practices, HACCP, and SQF protocols).

 • Creates and revises systems and procedures.

 • Maintains staff by selecting, orienting, and training employees; developing personal growth opportunities.

 • Schedules and assigns personnel.

 • Responsible for reviewing and approving hours worked by employees.

 • Actively participate in audit activities and ongoing efforts to ensure compliance to internal and external standards.

 • Sets clear direction and energizes production team to support the plant‘s goals/objectives.

 • Train and develop employees to ensure they can coordinate the line; clearly explain and check to make sure others understand what is expected.

 • Monitor employee progress and provide regular feedback to staffing agencies and/or Company Human Resources; completes employee evaluations with feedback from Foreman.

 • Responsible for the overall coordination of production activities in the assigned areas.

 • Ensure that all production paperwork is completed on a timely basis.

 • Foster team work by communicating with other departments and shifts any information that might aid staffing levels, housekeeping, safety, and/or production.

 • Report any food safety issues observed to QA Management.

 • Maintain a food-safe sanitary environment at all times.

 • Complete records/quality checks with accuracy and attention to detail.

 • Other duties as assigned by the Plant Manager.



 • Bachelor’s Degree in Business, or related field, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

 • 5+ years’ experience in Food manufacturing or related field

 • Working knowledge and implementation of GMPs, SSOP, HACCP, OSHA and FDA

 • Knowledge of supervisory management practices and principles

 • Knowledge of production management practices and principles

 • Marked ability to analyze and respond to production problems

 • Ability to rotate work schedule between 3 shifts

 • Bilingual highly desirable (English/Korean, English/Spanish)



Position: Maintenance Technician

Job Type: Full-time


Salary: $28.00 - $38.00 per hour


Location: Beaumont, CA



 • Operate routine checks of all production machines for maintenance and inspect for repairs

 • Perform motor/fan/bearing change and repairs, argon welding, adjusting and fixing belt tension, Sensor change/check up, general plumbing

 • Perform machine inspection pre-check

 • Manage and prepare spare parts, electrical parts, and chemical inventory and purchase orders

 • Communicate with vendors and third party repair companies

 • Provide A/C Assembly line maintenance support

 • Conduct downtime log management

 • Perform shift utility check up and management

 • Practice all electrical power safety responsibilities

 • Waste oil/chemical permit renewal

 • Boiler/Air tank annual permit renewal

 • Schedule monthly & annual maintenance scheduling (electrical power/freezer)

 • PLCM management and vendor communications


Physical Requirements

 • Frequently moves machine parts, tools, and equipment weighing up to 50 lbs

 • Frequently positions self to maintain machines (sit, stand, stoop, kneel, crouch, crawl)

 • Frequently uses hands/fingers to operate tools and parts for machine repairs and maintenance

 • Occasionally ascends/descends a ladder to service areas above reach

 • Must be able to see, hear, or detect mechanical, electrical, and chemical indicators for repair while performing maintenance duties

 • Exposure to extreme temperatures while performing maintenance duties in the steam room, refrigerated warehouse, and freezer



 • Minimum 5 years of experience as a Maintenance Mechanic or Electrician in a manufacturing setting

 • High school diploma or equivalent

 • Basic understanding of electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and other systems

 • Working knowledge of tools, common appliances and devices

 • Working knowledge of OSHA safety rules and safe working habits related to maintenance duties

 • Excellent problem-solving skills

 • Flexibility of schedule to work overtime, holidays, nights and/or weekends as needed

 • Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) is a plus




 • 401(k) matching

 • Health insurance

 • Dental insurance

 • Vision insurance

 • Employee assistance program

 • Employee discount

 • Flexible spending account

 • Health savings account

 • Life insurance

 • Paid time off




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