Multi Positions-E-Com/ Sales/ Designer/ Production/ Fitting Model

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SIGNATURE8/여성의류 업체
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Los Angeles, CA
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Based in Downtown Los Angeles, Signature8 breaks the monotony with an urban street wear that is whimsical and playful as it is relevant and luxe. We seek to be at the forefront of trends when it comes to denim, and offer jeans in various washes and degrees of distressing. Customers throughout all the US and worldwide can see that in our garments and our attention to detail. 

LA 다운타운에 위치한 여성의류 수입 업체에서 함께 하실 직원을 구하고 있습니다. 

< E-Commerce Specialist >
 ​ Create and manage content for all social media channels, and company website (Need to update social media daily)
 ​ Communicate and follow up social media customers
 ​ Communicate and respond to customer phone calls/emails
 ​ Create, manage, and adjust product listings and new listings
 ​ Coordinate and execute photo shoots with the photographer and design teams for updating social channels
 ​ Prepare samples for photo shoots   
 ​ Bilingual Preferred (English, Spanish)

 ​ Knowledge of social media platforms and tools used to manage social media campaigns
 ​ Strong copywriting and communication skills
 ​ Experience with basic photo editing
 ​ 1-2 years prior experience managing social media a plus
 ​ Styling on model experience a plus
 ​ Photography and Video experience a plus

< Company Sales > 
 ​ 최소 2년 이상의 경력이 있으신 분
 ​ Customer 들과 좋은 유대 관계가 있으신 분
 ​ Excellent 의사소통과 Order follow up 가능하신 분
 ​ Min. 2 years of experience in company sales
 ​ Good relationships with customers
 ​ Excellent communication and orders follow up 
 ​ Must be fluent in English

< Store or Company Assistant Sales > 
 ​ ​밝고 성실하신 분으로,
 ​ Showroom 정리 및 주문 Follow up
 ​ ​손님 주문을 Follow up 해야하기에, 영어가 가능해야 합니다. 
 ​ Outgoing personality and good communication skills preferred
 ​ Experience in Fashion industry preferred, but not necessary
 ​ Process / Follow up with buyers’ order
 ​ Must be fluent in English

< Associate Designer >
 ​ Fashion sense 가 있으시고, 성실하신 분
 ​ Illustrator 와 Photoshop 을 잘 다루시는 분
 ​ TEAM 으로 함께 일하실 수 있는 분
 ​ Strong Fashion creative senses
 ​ Proficient in Illustrator and Photoshop
 ​ Knowledge of fabric, print, spec, and fit process
 ​ Ability to work as team

< Assistant Designer >
 ​ 성실하시고, 디자인에 기초가 있으신 분
 ​ 함께 일하면서 배우고 싶은 분
 ​ Organize samples, fabric, and follow up

< Production Assistant >
 ​ ​성실하시고, PO follow up fit 에 대해 기초가 있으신 분
 ​ Follow up PO & Basic Knowledge of fabric, garment, and fit

< Fit Technical Designer >
 ​ 2~5년 이상의 경력이 있으신 분
 ​ Fit spec Comment 에 전문적인 지식이 있으신 분
 ​ Minimum 2~5 years of experience for import production
 ​ Proficient in Fit Spec & Comment
 ​ Examine and measure production samples to ensure accurate execution of requested specs.

< Fitting Model >
 ​ 파트타임 피팅 모델 구합니다. 
 ​ 대략 Height 165 cm 이상 // Waist  26” // Hip 36” 정도로 무경험자도 상관없습니다.     
 ​ 지원하실 때, 전신 사진을 함께 보내주시면 감사하겠습니다. 
 ​ 참고로 얼굴은 안나와도 되겠습니다. 

관심있으신 분은 아래의 이메일로 이력서를 보내주시기 바랍니다.


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