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Bando DELA Corporation
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Jaeseung Lee
Bando는 2020 한국 건설사 시공능력평가(도급순위) 14위 ’반도건설’의 미국 자회사 입니다.
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Bando DELA Corporation, as a Local Subsidiary of Bando Engineering & Construction in Korea, is seeking for highly motivated individuals to be a member of our team.

Job Position and Description
- Experienced Accountant
: Manage A/P, A/R, taxes and other financial activities.
: Maintain the general ledger and reconciliation of accounts.
: Review financial information.
: Perform diverse duties for administration / HR.

ㅇ Qualifications
: Must be eligible to work in US
: Fluent in Korean and English preferred
: Proficiency in QBs and MS Office
: Flexibility and multi-tasking ability

ㅇ Location: Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA

We offer competitive compensation and benefit packages.
(To be determined through Interview)

Please submit your resume to

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