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Human Resources Department

BankCard Services is seeking for hard working and ambitious individuals to join our dynamic team in Torrance Headquarter.


For those who are interested in applying for below available positions, please submit your resumes to our Human Resources Department at:

Available Employment Opportunities (please see below for detailed job descriptions):

1. Collection / Data Entry Assistant (Entry-Level, Full-Time / Part-Time)

2. Tech Support Representative (Entry-Level)

3. Sales Support Specialist (Entry-Level)

4. Customer Service representative (Korean/Vietnamese/Chinese)

5. Human Resources Generalist



1. Collection / Data Entry Assistant (Entry-Level, Full-Time / Part-Time) 

General Function: 

The Collection/Data Entry Assistant collects bad debts or the past due accounts, monitors merchant’s daily rejected items and communicates with merchants in order to resolve their past due accounts.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

• Communicating with merchants by phone, e-mail, fax to inform and explain collection issues and procedures and assist customers to solve matters regarding collection issues

• Monitor merchants daily reject items and create list

• Forward and follow up liability merchant to collection agency

• Abide company policies, goals and procedure specific to the team

• Interacting with other departments and communicating the issues related to compliance

• Performs other tasks as assigned by manager related with collection

• Daily data download and data entry for the Team

• Other duties as Assigned



• Recommended high school or college course

• Bilingual: Korean and English (Required)

• Proficient in MS Office

• Project management skills / Strong analytical skills

• Previous customer service or call center experience is preferred

• Excellent communication and multi-task skills 


2. Tech Support Representative (Entry-Level) 

Job Summary:

• Responsible for training, coaching and feedback of team members.

• Create Merchant Terminal Account using various web/window applications.

• Create download file in the server and release new download files to branches and provide file support.

• Communicating with sales mainly for file inquiries.

• Provide technical support for sales and internal staff.

• Communication with Processor & Partners


Essential Functions:

• Communicating with sales – Communicating with sales mainly on phone for download file inquiries.

• Communicating with Vendor   Communicating with vendor in writing, or by telephone, fax, or e-mail

• Documenting/Recording Information   Observing, receiving, entering, transcribing, recording, storing, or maintaining information in written or electronic form from all relevant sources.

• Business Relationship – Building a good relationship with all merchants in order to keep them as our merchant for years to come.

• Interacting with Computers   Using computers and computer program to update download files.


Education & Experience:

• Required High School Graduated or equivalent experience (Preferred Associate or Bachelor’s degrees)

• Knowledgeable of computer, internet, web functions and MS Office

• Technical skills – comfortable handling any technical devices.

• Previous technical job is a plus, but not required.



• Bilingual: Korean and English (Required)

• Merchant Service -- Knowledge of principles and processes for providing merchant services.

• Highly active listening, critical thinking, oral comprehension/expression clear speech and recognition skills required


3. Sales Support Specialist (Entry-Level) 

Job Summary:

Sales Support Specialist supports our sales teams and increase operational efficiency.  You must perform well in a team environment and have exceptional people skills.  Organization and attention to detail are keys to this role, as is the ability to learn quickly and communicate effectively.


Job Responsibilities:

• Provide data and guides to help the sales teams

• Distribute marketing, sales, and support documentation to sales teams

• Own issues, triaging them while working with subject matter experts to implement best practice solutions

• Recommend improvements to enhance our processes and the sales team experience

• Assist in marketing, sales, and product projects as available and required

• Other duties as assigned



• Bilingual: Fluent Korean and English

• A strong work ethic and a mature attitude

• User level experience with MS Office – focused on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

• Excellent communication, both verbal and written skills, including professional written/email correspondence skills.

• Highly detail-oriented and well-organized individual, able to establish priorities, meet deadlines and handle multiple tasks and demands


4. Customer Service Representative (Korean/Vietnamese/Chinese)

This is an entry-level position!

Job Summary:

Answer phones to respond to orders, general Merchant inquires, Bill Statement questions, all of Terminals Issue and customer complaints. Project a professional company image through phone interaction.

Roles & Responsibilities:

 Deal directly with customers either by telephone, electronically or face to face

 Respond promptly to customer inquiries

 Obtain and evaluate all relevant information to handle product and service inquiries

 Provide pricing and delivery information

 Assist new potential customers to set up new customer accounts

 Process orders, forms, applications and requests (new terminal, MOA forms, etc..)

 Directs requests and unsolved issues to proper designated team and/or department.

 Leave clear note in Beacons system records of customer interactions and transactions

 Communicate and coordinate with internal departments

 Follow up on customer interactions

 Outbound calls for follow ups (MOA, latebatch, EMV, Data integrity, etc.)

 Other tasks may be given by project base


 Bilingual: Korean and English and/or Vietnamese and English and/or Chinese and English (REQUIRED)

 Associate or bachelor’s degrees in business, business economics and finance related field or high school or college courses include those related to business, such as accounting, business economics and statistics

 Excellent communication, both verbal and written skills, including professional

 Recommended job-related and consistent with business necessity, such as accounting, management or other related studies

 Basic experience with MS Office – focused on Word, Excel and Power Point.

 Excellent communication, both verbal and written skills, including professional

 Written/email correspondence skills. Project management skills

 Basic understanding of accounting principals

 Highly detail-oriented and well-organized individual, able to establish priorities, meet

 Deadlines and handle multiple tasks and demands

 Excellent work-ethic skills, high motivation and willing to learn new things


5. Human Resources Generalist

Job Summary:

Responsible for performing a variety of human resource support and administrative duties. Maintaining the human resource database, employee records and files. Completes assigned reporting functions involving termination, hiring and transfers. Process bi-weekly payroll. Assists in informing new employees of human resource policies and programs as needed. Assists in employee training program. 


Job Responsibility:

 Conduct Hiring, Transferring, and Termination process including on-boarding/new hire paperwork and off-boarding/termination paperwork

 Process bi-weekly payroll using ADP Workforce Now

 Assist employees directly with routine inquiries and basic Human Resources issues.

 Create and maintain confidential employee files to ensure all required documents are in place.

 Maintain employee’s database program including, but not limited to data entry and report generation.

 Ensure I-9 Compliance

 Performs other related duties as required or as assigned.

 Explain the organization's employment policies and refer qualified applicants to the employing manager

 Liaison for J1 Internship Program

 Maintain compliance with Federal and State regulations.



 Recommended high school or college courses include those related to business, such as management, and those related to social science, such as psychology, sociology, and communication.

 1 or more years Human Resources experience or in a similar role preferred

 Bilingual *(Korean and English REQUIRED)*

 Ability to organize and coordinate work.

 Ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

 Effective verbal and written communication skills.

 Analytical and problem solving skills.

 Professionalism, dependability, and a desire for challenge.

 Knowledgeable of computer, internet, web functions and MS Office and authoring software

 Project management experience / Strong interpersonal skills




Medical (Vision), Dental and Life Insurance, Accrued Vacation and Sick Leave, Paid Holidays, 401K and Life Insurance


Bankcard Service is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



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