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채용분야 : Internal Auditor

자격요건 :
  A. 4년제 대졸이상
  B. 한국어/영어 능통자 (우대)
  C. 영주권자 또는 시민권자 (필수)
  D. 은행 유관 부서 경력 5년 이상 또는 자격증 CIA, CPA, CAMS, CISA 등 보유자
  E. 금융기관 감사 경력 5년 이상자(우대)

혜택 :
  A. 보험 : Medical, dental, vision, life insurance 가입 및 전액 보조
  B. 중식대, 교통비, 401K 지원

급여 : 10만불 이상, 면접 후 협의

Position : Internal Auditor

Responsibilities :
• Developing the annual internal audit plan based on an annual risk assessment of the branch, ensuring the adequacy of the audit plan, scheduling audits and ensuring the quality of the internal audits performed. Approval audit risk assessment and audit plan from H.O Audit Department
• Management of outsourced service providers to evaluate day-today compliance with internal audit policy and internal audit manual
• Director regarding internal control design and its effectiveness
• Evaluate the quality control of individual audit
• Review internal audit charter and policy and internal/ audit manual at least annual basis and approval from H.O
• Coordination of internal audit effort between H.O Audit Department and outsourced service provider including the review and approval of audit plan and audit report
• Coordination of internal audit effort between individual audit auditee and outsourced service provider
• Internal Audit Issue Tracking and periodic reporting to H.O
• Participate in ALRM(Asset Liability Risk Management) Committee and report Internal Audit Issues

Required Qualifications :
• Bachelor’ Degree
• Fluency in Korean and English (Preferred)
• 5+ years experience in internal audit or similar assurance-related roles in financial institute area

Preferred Qualifications :
• Excellent written, verbal and analytical skills
• Significant knowledge and expertise of AML Compliance laws, regulations, risk and appropriate controls

채용분야 : Credit Analyst

자격요건 : 
 영주권자 또는 시민권자(필수)
 4년제 대졸이상, 영어/한국어 능통자(우대)
 은행 Credit Analyst 경력 5년 이상 

혜택 : 
 보험 : Medical, dental, vision, life insurance 가입 및 전액 보조
 중식대, 교통비, 401K 지원

급여 : 면접 후 협의

Position: Credit Analysis Officer
Department:  Loan
Reports to:   Senior Loan Manager

Responsible for the expeditious processing of all requests for loans, letters of credit and other extensions of credit received by the Branch in accordance with established loan polices and procedures. 

 Perform credit analysis for all new/existing loans
 Responsible for underwriting, organizing, maintaining information and collection for loan portfolio
 Prepare fully supported loan presentations for loan origination and re¬newals/extensions, and make recommendations to the Loan Committee for approval/decline
 Review all credit files to assure that they contain all required information
 Perform ongoing loan monitoring in accordance with loan covenant including, but not limited to, financial statement analysis
 Monitor delinquent and problem loans.  Determine reason(s) for delinquency.  Works to-gether with the borrower to correct situation.  Advise Senior Loan Manager of progress in accomplishing collection.  Documents all contact in file memoranda
 Assist in the development of policies and procedures
 Establish and maintain a program for the prompt and expeditious collection of problem loans and delinquent loans and report to the Loan Committee
 Review, revise, update, create, distribute, and submit for approval loan policies and procedures
 Prepare quarterly loan review
 Prepare quarterly loan loss reserve analysis
 Prepare annual loan loss reserve analysis using requirement of FASB 114
 Prepare loan committee minutes
 Member of the Loan Committee

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