Dental CBCT Field technician(설치 및 수리기사), Field trainer(교육팀)

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Los Angeles, CA
Company introduction

As a leader in oncology diagnostics and therapy systems, nuclear medicine, integrated medical financing, and general construction for hospitals for over 35 years, HDX Corporation confidently moved into the dental space in 2008. It was at this time that they acquired WillMed, a company that was known for its innovative, private office–based radiology platforms.

In 2010, HDX Corporation developed its first CBCT system, DINNOVA™, which was primarily designed to support larger dental clinics and hospitals. Following this development, the company began work on its new DENTRI™ system, with the goal of bringing the company’s standout CBCT and integrated software expertise to private practices.

With these two systems firmly in place, HDX WILL was formed in 2013. Since its official launch, it has quickly established a leadership position in its domestic market and been enthusiastically adopted in more than 20 other markets worldwide.

HDX WILL has built a unique approach to ideation and product design, combining both its product and service innovation teams. As these teams are forward facing and always consider the user experience, this combined team will officially unveil its revolutionary reanimation technology based on CYOPTIX™—an applied science of almost unimaginable potential.

“While HDX WILL may make equipment, it actually sells knowledge, confidence, and safety"

Available position 

1) Dental CBCT Field service technician 

2) Dental CBCT Field trainer

Job Description

1)Field Service Ambassador

HDX WILL is a dental CBCT manufacturer and has distribution channel in the US. It is located in Los Angeles and is looking for field technicians. The FSA is a next level opportunity for the equipment service technician who wants more. At HDX WILL our Field Service Ambassadors provide responsible installation and repair of dental equipment- while simultaneously representing a brand built soundly around 3 core principles: Knowledge, Confidence and Safety.

While strong in technical aptitude we value our FSA’s for their ability to solve problems, listen to customer desires and for their ability to make dentists and dental team members feel ease and completely content with their buying decision. If that sound like you then please read on.

Overall Responsibilities:
• Installation
• Planned maintenance
• Materials/parts management
• On-site technical advisement
• Coordination with Training & Development team and/or company other counterparts
• Compliance with current OSHA and related regulations
• Participates in special projects assigned by the company

• 2+ years of experience servicing dental, biomedical or similar equipment preferred
• Excellent problem solver with above average listening, interpersonal relations and communication skills
• General computer proficiency, including troubleshooting and a basic understanding of computer networks
• Mechanical aptitude with prior experience in electronic circuitry, carpentry, or similar disciplines
• Steadfast commitment to absolute customer delight
• Clean driving record
• All required state certifications pertaining to radiologic emitting devices
• HS Diploma, Associates Degree or Technical School Certification desirable
• Must comply with and be a champion of Company brand standards
• Native level English skill is required, additional Korean bilingual capacity preferred.

Primary Location:
• Field/Office

Job/Company Function:
• Operations Team

• Negotiable

Job Type: Full-time

한국에 본사를 두고 있는 치과용 엑스레이 제조업체 HDX WILL의 미국법인입니다.
설치 및 수리기사, 기타 관련업무를 할 수 있는 직원을 찾고 있습니다. 동일업종의 경험이 우대되며 
미국에 정식으로 거주할 수 있고 일을 할 수 있는 분에 한하며, 영어는 복잡/복합적인 내용을 소통할 수준이어야 하며, 한국말로 의사소통을 할 수 있는 분이면 좋겠습니다. 풀타임 잡이며, 연봉은 지원자의 경험과 능력에 준하여 협상 가능합니다.

If you are interested, please send your resume via‐email, wjung@HDXWILLNA.COM 
Thank you!

2) Field Trainer (RDA license required)

HDX WILL North America is a preeminent global manufacturer of radiographic technology. Our corporate history encompasses 35 years of growth, success, and industry leading technology. Currently we have introduced our CBCT ( Cone Beam Computed Tomography) technology to the US market and are planning release of more items of our portfolio.

With this introduction, HDX WILL NA has made a commitment to education excellence to our customers. This was the inspiration for creating (TED) role. TED is more than a simple product training. Within HDX-WILL NA, the TED Field Trainer is responsible for ensuring that stakeholders of the company (Clinician/Customers, Centers of Influence, Distributors/Vendor Partners and Internal Team Members) are properly trained to use our technology and software. This position will become a continuing resource to our partners and customers throughout their relationship with HDX WILL NA. This position will also encompass education development and execution for internal and external stakeholders.

This role will also encompass support for HDX WILL NA sales exhibitions, education offerings, sales presentations, and sales follow-up as needed to support the company initiatives.

HDX WILL NA is currently looking for a Field Trainer for its North American Division

Overall Responsibilities: Development and execution of Educational programs for internal and external customers. Post-sale engagement with customer to coordinate and execute online and in-person training. Point of contact for customer questions about software and training issues. Become subject Expert on CBCT technology and current software to be able to train independently to customers. Create educational process for internal stakeholders ( i.e. sales envoys, engineers, etc) on software usage and process. Participate in Sales exhibitions as an educational, sales consultant, and spokesperson for the HDX WILL NA brand.

Core Focus Areas: The TED Field Trainer is the evangelist for (Post-Event) enabling and delighting of our stakeholders. These Post-Events include, but are not limited to:
 Post Purchase: TED field trainer will manage the post-purchase confidence, competency and general on-boarding of new Clinician/Customers. This can include on-site initial training of both Clinician and staff as well as development and management of customer questions.
 Post Engagement: HDX-WILL is committed to multi-channel distribution opportunities and creative collaborations. The TED Field Trainer will play a significant role in assuring that engaged third parties, such as distributors and allied vendors learn the product attributes and benefits relative to competition, emotionally buy-in to the company’s messaging and share our passion for customer delight.
 Post Hire: As the company grows HDX-WILL anticipates that people will enter the company at varying levels of market/product knowledge. TED Field Trainer will develop appropriate programs to make sure our internal team members, at a minimum understand our core mission and are conversant in our product line and markets served.
Future Focus Area: In addition to Core Focus Areas, as HDX-WILL grows the TED Field Trainer will have the opportunity to help create advanced education modules for Clinician/Customers, and perhaps other identified stakeholders.

 Minimum Registered Dental Assistant certification required**
 Preferred 2 years in a Sales/Training role serving dental/medical markets
• Experience in program development and executing through direct and indirect authority
 Dental/Medical market, materials and/or product knowledge preferred
 Strong leadership and coaching skills
 Ability to work in medical settings, including treatment areas as well as general office environments
 Current or willingness to acquire Training & Development credentialing
 Willingness to travel domestically and internationally extensively
 Expertise in MS office
 Strong PowerPoint skills and experience in educational development
 Excellent customer engagement skills
 Familiarity with medical/dental sales conversations and process.
 Participate in sales presentations and Sales exhibitions and Sales follow up conversations
 Native level English skill is required, additional Korean bilingual capacity preferred.

Primary Location:

Job/Company Function:
 Education department

Prospective travel
 Approximately 75% of time

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $45,000.00 to $70,000.00 /year

첫번째  포지션이 설치 및 수리라면, 이 포지션은 trade show에서 제품 소프트웨어를 환자 이미지를 가지고 구매자에게 시연을 하며, 
CBCT 판매 후, 의사분 및 병원 스태프들에 대해 제품의 사용법에 대해 교육을 하는 일입니다.
RDA 라이센스가 요구되며, 원어민 수준의 영어와 의사소통 할 수 있는 한국말이 우대됩니다.
합법적으로 미국에서 일 할 수 있는 분에 한합니다.

If you are interested, please send your resume via‐email, wjung@HDXWILLNA.COM 
Thank you!

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