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Sigmagraft, Inc
Fullerton, CA

SigmaGraft, Inc. is seeking an experienced “Researcher” for the R&D team to participate in and lead ongoing and future research projects. Current research projects are focused on developing organic & inorganic biomaterials and medical devices for dental and orthopedic applications.


The essential job functions or duties of this position are as follows:

    • Design and develop new products of medical device industry

    • Plan and lead the process of an R&D project  

    • Maintain good laboratory procedures and practices.

    • Adhere to all Safety Procedures especially those involving Chemical Hygiene.

    • Ensure good house-keeping practices, and a safe and organized work environment.

    • Make detailed observations, analyze data and interpret results.

    • Prepare technical reports, summaries, and protocols and perform quantitative analyses.

    • Capacity to work in a team with minimal supervision on R&D projects leading to new and improved products.

    • Work in compliance with cGMP regulations. Maintain the R&D lab a GMP and safe working environment.

    • Oversees adherence to SOPs, Good Clinical Practice and FDA regulations.

    • Conducts material synthesis, analysis, product formulation and application testing.

    • Designs experiments and communicates results.

    • Perform other assigned duties as needed


Desired Qualifications:

    • +3yrs. industry research experience with master’s degree or +5yrs. industry research experience with bachelor degree

    • Biochemistry, Chemistry or related science or engineering background.

    • Experience with preparing and analyzing samples, SEM-EDS, FTIR, mechanical testing, and surface characterization, 

         is strongly desired.

    • Experience with bioanalysis including SDS-PAGE, ELISA, colorimetric assays, etc., are preferred.

    • Excellent attention to details.

    • Excellent organization, communication, and writing skills.


Please submit your resume to: 



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생산직 직원:  

1. 원료 세척 준비, 공정 재료 검사, 바이알 충전, 캡핑 블리스 포장, 라벨링 최종 제품 포장 포함 

2. 제조 시설의 세척 소독 

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