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Position: Marketing Assistant 

Job Type: Full Time

Skills & Responsibilities:
• Knowledge of Amazon system such as FBA, shipping, and advertising.
• Market research skill is needed due to competing with other companies.
• Coordinate high volume of order shipments for import, export, and 
distribution and updating supplier and customer about shipments. 
• Creating new strategies for marketing is required due to new trends. 
• Compiling and distributing financial and statistical information such as a 
budget spreadsheet.
• Communicating directly with customers, supplier, and logistics to 
receive the goods in right time.
• Be able to think outside the box for effective problem-solving skills.

• Demonstrable ability to multi-task and adhere to deadlines.
• Knowledge of market research techniques and databases.
• Excellent knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)
• Customer service and sales experience is required.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Strong teamwork orientation.
• Photoshop and Illustrator skills preferred.
• Must be eligible to work in the United States legally.
• Bilingual (English & Korean) – Required.

Position: Accounting Assistant
▪ Job Type: Full Time

Skills & Responsibilities:
• Providing support to the accounting department.
• Performing office tasks, such as filing, data entry, answering phones, 
processing the mail, etc.
• Processing transactions, issuing invoices and purchase orders, and 
updating ledgers and budgets.
• Creating and updating expense reports.
• Reconcile bank statements and invoices.
• Run errands around the office and assist accounting manager and CFO.
• Communicate with vendors and customers about invoices and 
• Assist with payroll such calculating vacation and sick days.
▪ Requirements:
• Knowledge and ability to work with QuickBooks and ERP system.
• Work experience as an Accounting Assistant or Accounting Clerk.
• Excellent knowledge of bookkeeping procedures.
• Organization skills
• Ability to handle sensitive, confidential information.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Accuracy and attention to detail.
• Bilingual (English & Korean) – Required.

Position: Production Assistant
▪ Job Type: Full Time

Skills & Responsibilities:
• Managing production line, maintaining proper number of inventories, 
and delivering all items in needs for production in a timely manner. 
• Keeping the warehouse and production line in regulation of Public 
Health policies and Food safety guidelines.
• Performs all preparation work for next day as per production cycle.
• Maintains production line and equipment in accordance with safety and 
sanitations standards.
• Paying attention to food quality, monitoring operations, maintain 
records / testing (QC).
• Develop quality assurance standards and company processes, improve 
testing and production quality, and create reports documenting errors 
and issues for fixing (QA).
• Maintain standards for reliability and performance of production.
• Arrange trucking for shipments within the United States.
• Communicate with third-party staffing agency.

• In-depth understanding of food industry standards and company 
• Sharp attention to details, working knowledge of products and services.
• Solid knowledge of relevant regulatory standards.
• Strong teamwork with production team.
• Knowledge of Food chemistry and microbiology.
• Knowledge of Public Health and Food Safety Guidelines.
• Excellent data collection and analysis skills.
• Must be eligible to work in the United States legally.
• Bilingual (English & Korean) – Required.
• Strong skills of MS Office (Word, Excel, and Power Point)
• Manage multiple simultaneous projects and meet deadlines.

- Paid Vacations
-  Sick Days
-  Health Insurance
-  401k Matching
-  Lunch

Salary will be based on your experience and education. Upon interview, salary will be discussed.

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