KM Supplies 에서 일하실분을 모집합니다 (Store Assistant Manager / Account Management / Marketing)

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Los Angeles 
Joe Song 
LA에 위치한 한방 의료기기 및 자재를 전문으로 취급하는 KM Supplies에서 함께 오랫동안 일하실 분을 모집합니다.
  • Account Management & Marketing Management
  • Store Management

자격 조건 :
  • 취업에 결격 사유가 없으신 분
  • 적극적인 성격으로  성실하시고, 용모 단정 하신 분
  • 간단한 COMPUTER, EXCEL & WORD 사용 가능하신 분
  • SNS 활용가능.
  • 근무시간: 9-6

Probation 후 비자 스폰서 가능합니다.

관심 있으신 분은 cynam55@gmail.com으로 resume 보내주세요

간단한 자기 소개서와 이력서를 보내주시면 검토 후에 개별 연락 드리겠습니다.
전화 문의는 사절합니다

Job description:

As for our company, KM Supplies, Inc. was established in 1998, Los Angeles, California. Now for almost twenty years, all of us here at KM have been doing our best to bring high-quality items at lower prices to our customers and beyond. We are currently looking for proactive and passionate employees who will be positioned for the following jobs (• Account Management & Marketing Management • Store Management) and who can also develop their own careers in this industry.


-Gain product knowledge and its benefits through self-motivated activities and job assignments.
-Develop marketing strategies needed for clients who reside in both CA and out-of-state.
-Provide marketing plans and sales support to our team.
-Perform SNS marketing strategies / SNS postings.
-Analyze a problem, come up with solutions, and make a decision


-College degree required (High school diploma acceptable).
-Korean / English bilingual required (Spanish optional).
-Korean Preferred.
-At least 18 years of age (Ability to drive a car preferred)
-Effective communication and interpersonal skills (both written and verbal)
-MS office skills.
-Ability to work on a team.
-SNS-friendly (Facebook / Instagram).

Please send your resume to

Thank you

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