R&D Formulation Specialist (Nutraceutical Industry)

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Deven Kaing 
R&D Formulation Specialist (Nutraceutical Industry)
Lifebloom Corp.

Lifebloom Corp. is a contract manufacturer of dietary supplements that has been exponentially growing. The company is privately owned and due to the company’s aggressive growth, we are looking for a qualified formulations chemist to join our team. This candidate will be responsible for formulating products consisting of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs and nutraceutical ingredients. The ideal candidate for this position is one who is passionate about the science of nutritional health, results driven, action-oriented, and enjoys working in a fast-paced environment.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Works with clients to design customized formulas from conception to completion
• Develops and performs all formulation requirements on new formula (includes creations of theoretical formulation, bench mix development, product description/formulation sheet, lab tests, stability testing/monitoring, color verifications, etc.)
• Reformulate existing in-house formulas as needed to improve existing products
• Document test results, specifications, and final formula procedures from pilot scale to full manufacturing runs
• Communicates all information in a timely fashion regarding formulations, project status, raw material research, results, etc. to all appropriate individuals in Purchasing, Sales, Customer Service and Quality Departments
• Conducts intellectual searches for technical information through a variety of resources, including the Internet; evaluate new and alternative raw materials/additives for functionality and stability
• Keeps up-to-date with current trends, developments, and regulatory changes, which would impact products, procedures or formulations
• Ensures the maintenance and adherence to good laboratory practices and all safety regulations both in laboratory and manufacturing areas; helps prepare LOP/GMP/SOP where needed
• Participates in process improvement and product investigations; constructs experimental studies intended to provide supporting data or to resolve technical issues encountering during a project
• Proposes and implements recommendations to processes and procedures designed to increase efficiency, safety, or quality
• Perform other duties as assigned

• A minimum of a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry, Biology, Nutrition, Food Science or related field is preferred
• Minimum of 3 or more years of prior experience in formulations, processing and quality control related issues are required; nutritional or pharmaceutical experience preferred
• Effective verbal, written communications skills
• Awareness of quality and regulatory expectations/GMP norms for different categories of products
• Knowledge of excipients and dietary supplements
• Knowledge of tablets, granulation and coating preferred
• Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel
• Must be fluent in English and Korean

Please send resume to HR@lifebloomcorp.com
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