POL CLOTHING seeking Assistant Designer, Trade Show Sales & Graphic Designer

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Los Angeles 
Tj Kim 
POL CLOTHING seeking Assistant Designer, Trade Show Sales & Graphic Designer

**1) Assistant Designer : ​​
​ ​
- Knowledge of garment designing
- Following up and organizing designed samples
- Must have strong fashion sense and creativity
- Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator preferred
- Must love clothing and very much into fashion

**2) Trade Show Sales Associate
(Travel for the regional trade shows, setup booth and prepare with a team, building relationship with many customers from other regions by sales)

-  Must speak fluent English and Korean.
-  Able to go on business trips within the U.S.
-  Trade show and fashion district experience highly preferred
-  Customer service experienced.
-  Positive mind and get along well with people
-  Be able to use MS Excel

**3)  Graphic Designer:

- Working together with marketing to create creative and engaging content that displays POL’s products and promotions.
- Suggesting ideas that will generate leads that can be directed to www.polclothing.com.
- Posting and monitoring Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, notifying managers when there are issues to resolve.
- Monitor and respond to messages or comments left behind on social media platforms.
- Assist with various projects.

Please send resume to: tjkim@polclothing.com
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